Smokers told what products withdrawal nicotine


Курильщикам подсказали, какие продукты выводят никотинIt turns out that to reduce the level of nicotine can be using certain products.

About the dangers of Smoking is known to all, but what to do when quit Smoking a person does not work, and he still wants to maintain their health? Do doctors have the answer to this question and it lies in the fact that the diet of the smoker should be expanded to five products, with the unique property of removing the nicotine from the body and reduce its harmful effects.

These five ingredients must be present in the diet of the smoker:

1. Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, and helps to self-clean the lungs from the carcinogens deposited on the mucous membranes each time a person inhales cigarette smoke.

2. Spinach is rich in vitamin B9 i.e. folic acid, which is actively involved in the process of purification of the respiratory tract and lungs, as well as the whole body from the nicotine and other hazardous substances.

3. Kiwi has vitamins A, C, E, which do not give chance of free radicals negatively affect healthy cells, effectively destroying them.

4. Carrot juice fast clears the lungs from nicotine and tar. Besides, still will take care of the skin of the smoker, because smokers prematurely older skin and wrinkles.

5. Grenades are responsible for the blood circulation and saturation of blood oxygen. When a person smokes, his blood pressure rises and blood vessels constrict, thus preventing the flow of blood oxygen. Therefore, you should regularly eat pomegranates, which will take care of the blood vessels of the smoker and to clear them from the nicotine.

As if there was not, but it’s better to quit and forget about the problems that could arise from this bad habit. Moreover, nicotine and other substances contained in the tobacco, are removed from the body after a few weeks and people will be able to breathe, as they say, full of health Breasts.


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