Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6X lit up on “live” pictures


Rumors that in a few weeks will see the light of the new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6X, has received additional confirmation. Today the network posted a number of his photographs which the author has maintained the suspense, and now the similarities of this device with Apple’s flagship was even more obvious.

Behind the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6X looks one to one like Apple iPhone X for 92 000 rubles, here only it will cost much cheaper. The front of the smartphone is an exact copy of the Samsung S8, so from the point of view appearance we could merge the two flagships of 2017. At its core, the new Xiaomi Mi 6X is a kind of evolution of the Xiaomi Mi 6, which, unlike all its competitors, was a tiny framework screen was not the most popular flagship. In the new model delivered him from the framework, simultaneously increasing the screen to 6 inches with Full HD resolution, and the modulus of its main camera is rotated 90 degrees in the style of tenth IPhone.

Also on the back panel removed and a fingerprint scanner. Presumably, the new Xiaomi Mi 6X will show at MWC 2018 in exactly a month, and this smartphone may well get a Surge S2 processor from Xiaomi – a single-chip system frequency up to 2.2 GHz to eight cores and integrated graphics Mali G71 MP8.


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