Smartphone OnePlus 5T might look like this


The network got the image of a smartphone, under which was the inscription “OnePlus 5T”. This is strange, because, according to rumors, the device will go on sale, and instead immediately released OnePlus 6. but, nevertheless, spread the word need because we are waiting for a smartphone that is different from OnePlus 5 and very similar to dozens of modern models.

Yes, the new OnePlus 5T finally be frameless, and apparently, judging by the render, it will be a copy of Samsung S8 with its rounded edges. At Note 8 the Chinese for some reason to threaten not steel, but it should be. According to preliminary data, the OnePlus 5T show in the beginning of 2018, complete with screen Full HD+ aspect ratio 18:9 and Qualcomm 835 or 845, depending on when it will be presented 845-th chip.

At this stage all other details about the capabilities of the OnePlus 5T kept secret, but hopefully he will surprise not only a new display, but what are some other buns, for example, a built-in screen fingerprint scanner or facial recognition software like Apple with its new Face ID. Perhaps that is the second front camera, perfectly visible in render. We add that the current OnePlus 5 was in short supply – warehouses are empty, and the date of the new plant were not disclosed.


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