Smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone appeared on the new images


Insiders published first, according to them, the real images of the smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone, which is marketed as a computer that can fit in your pocket. We were expecting it this fall, but no luck, and now his announcement rescheduled for the spring of 2017, and then unofficially.

Smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone is one of the most anticipated in the world because everyone wants to own reduced copy of your desktop or laptop on Windows and not to suffer with Android or Windows Mobile 10 when working with documents and e-mail. Published images are not supported by the specs imprinted on their gadget, so to talk yet about. From the point of view of design, this extremely thin smartphone, just a little thicker than a USB-C port on the bottom.

The side part of the screen at Microsoft Surface Phone, there is no — they said “Bye!” and went to find a new home in other flagship devices. By the way, photos posted himself Evan Bless, noting that this is not a concept, and adding that very soon the news about Microsoft Surface Phone will be more. Surely the announcement will take place after all in 2017, not in 2018, they began to convince many unofficial informants? I really hope so.


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