Smartphone LG ThinQ G7 tested for maintainability


The new flagship smartphone LG ThinQ G7 is a competitor of OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi 8 and Samsung S9, and they are interested in the portal iFixit. Its experts conducted an autopsy of the apparatus and determine the degree of its suitability for repair.

Like all flagships of 2018, new LG ThinQ G7 not particularly wish to be repaired in case of failure – the results of his test were below expectations, especially on the background of previous models G6 and G5, which are perfectly amenable to repair. Out of 10 Korean flagship earned only 4 points, just at the level of S9+ and Huawei P20 Pro. Recall that the LG G5 earned in his time as much as 8 points, so the difference in the face.

So far, the new LG ThinQ G7 very much durable glue him so much that dealing with him will have for dismantling almost every item. This applies even to glass panels, and it is very fragile, so replacement is guaranteed to cost a pretty penny. No less difficult is to remove the front panel – it is also glued, therefore, the replacement of the display would also be very expensive. However, screen replacement for iPhone X will cost you the cost of the smartphone OnePlus 6, and renting on a budget Xiaomi Redmi Plus 5 will remain so that in the case of LG ThinQ G7 is not so bad.


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