Smartphone Homecare V8 for only $100 in the store Coolicool


In the catalog of the online store Coolicool has a new mobile Homecare V8, which, in contrast to all IPhones and Samsung, will not put a dent in your wallet, which is especially important in times of crisis. A mobile phone delivered free of charge within the territory of Russia and is more expensive than the cheapest phone from Xiaomi, with more modern stuffing.

Homecare V8 is estimated at only $ 100, that is, it can be purchased for less than 7,000 rubles at the current rate. Shop Coolicool ships within two days of payment. Homecare V8 available in pink-gold hue of the case, but there are also just gold color, although in this case the smartphone is now $105. In any case, this is the most beneficial, since the rate is given as 50% discount: by default, the smartphone costs $200, so hurry! For $100 in Homecare V8 you are waiting for 4 GB of RAM, eight-core Qualcomm processor 652 with the module LTE and Adreno graphics and a Full HD screen with a diagonal of 5 inches on a modern bright matrix AMOLED and fingerprint scanner directly on the front panel in the Home button. The smartphone has 128 GB of internal memory and microSD another 128 GB, plus fit in two SIM cards. The hybrid slot – you can install either two SIM or one SIM and one microSD, but with such a considerable amount of internal memory additional storage you may not need.

Homecare V8 is running on battery capacity of 3400 mAh, and it’s even more than Apple iPhone XS Max for 130 000 rubles, so that the benefits are more than obvious. The smartphone endowed with a camera with a resolution of 8 MP front and 16 MP back, separate entrance for earphones 3,5 mm (and now, as we know, a rarity), and he also has a FM receiver and 10 amp charging. The casing is of course made of metal so that damage will not be easy. Have Homecare V8 and some nice bonuses – for example, it was equipped with face detection and Face ID algorithms improve night shots. In short, for a $100 smartphone is just great. But without details, not a cost: Homecare V8 running Android 6 Marshmallow, and not yet reported whether the manufacturer to release firmware update. In addition, the smartphone works in GSM and 3G, but only supports LTE Band 1, 3 and 5.


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