Smartphone Apple iPhone X in a new body color – to be!


Federal communications Commission FCC took the testing of the new modification is still flagship smartphone Apple iPhone X and did not fail to publish the photos of her. In fact, it’s the same tenth IPhone with the same design and already familiar filling, but the color had changed.

Very soon Apple iPhone X will be available in a new gold hue, so that the Gypsies will be in utter delight. Shade all already very well acquainted – he painted all of the latest IPhones, in addition to the eighth generation, which because of its glass back is a little distorted color. If the FCC took over testing of the gadget, its release is definitely not far off, as it is the last resort before the official announcement and start of sales.

Recall that this year Apple will introduce at least three new smartphones with screens of 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches diagonally, as well as she prepares to run iOS 12, and at the end of March it has announced a budget tablet, iPad 2018 with stylus support Apple Pencil. As mentioned above, a new shade Apple iPhone X will have no effect on its hardware, but the price due to the “exclusivity” may be higher, although it is unlikely – the mobile phone-more than six months, so he’s not really new.


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