Smartphone Apple iPhone X came out in Russia and is worth 1 million rubles


In Russia started selling smartphone Apple iPhone X, which is still in very short supply and will get at first is not all. However, the loan is taken, interest to the Bank drip, and the smartphone is not everything, and there exists a logical decision – to buy the machine from those who already possessed them.

But those too were not born yesterday: in the quest to capitalize on chipawa Apple iPhone X, dealers have already started to sell through the message boards these smartphones at obviously a higher price, so to speak, to brighten up the moment of parting with edge-to-edge phone. Prices range from 120 000 rubles for the minimum configuration and go up to 1 million rubles for the top. Yes, the Internet found the announcement of the sale Apple iPhone X on a 256 GB for the price of a car or apartment anywhere in the province.

Well, we wish these speculators to find a buyer, because for every product there is a merchant, although it is a little sad: Russians ready five years to pay the loan for a simple phone that can steal, break, or which may be lost. In the end, he has in a year become obsolete when Apple will release its fresh new. As someone said of the greats, people have the ability to conquer the cosmos, but they prefer to throw birds at pigs.


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