Small doses of alcohol are good for the brain


Небольшие дозы спиртного будут полезными для мозга

Experts from the United States of America proved that in a small amount of alcoholic drinks can have a beneficial impact on the human brain.

It turned out that such “therapy” several times reduces the risks of developing Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Recall that none of these diseases could be treated by physicians.

Majken Nedergard of Racistische University says that small amounts of alcohol can rid the body of processed products positively influence tissue, the cardiovascular system and the brain.

But he warns that this is more of his theory than a proven experimental fact, as the study was conducted on laboratory rodents.

Other scientists conducting similar experiments, did not see any relationship between alcohol, its dose and human health. Today you can explore the many researches, which say as the harm, and the use of alcoholic beverages.


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