Slovenia beat Serbia and won their first Eurobasket


The team of Igor Kokoshkov thanks to the magnificent play of Goran Dragic became the first champion of Europe in basketball.

Slovenes powerfully spent the first half but after the break the greater Serbia began to seize the initiative. In the middle of the final quarter the Serbs after a long chase took the lead, but Slovenia immediately organized dash 12:0 and shut down all questions about the winners of Eurobasket 2017.

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Slovenia – Serbia– 93:85 (20:22, 36:25, 15:20, 22:18)

Slovenia: dragic (35 + 7 rebounds), Prepelvic (21), E. Randolph (11 + 3 block-Shota).
Serbia: Bogdan Bogdanovic (22 + 5 assists), Macvan (18 + 5 rebounds), Percevic (8 + 5 rebounds).

In the match for third place in the great game brothers Gazala enabled Spain to extend its medal streak at the Championships to six tournaments.

Spain — Russia 93:85 (21:13, 24:15, 21:27, 27:30)

Spain: Pau Gasol (26 + 10 rebounds + 3 blocked shots), Marc Gasol (25 + 4 rebounds), Rodriguez (16 + 7 assists + 3 steals).
Russia: Shved (18), Brain (14 + 10 rebounds), Dmitry Kulagin (10 + 7 assists).

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The most valuable player of Eurobasket 2017 became the playmaker of the national team of Slovenia’s Goran dragic, a company that in the symbolic team of the tournament made Alexey Shved (Russia), Luca Doncic (Slovenia), Bogdan Bogdanovic (Serbia), Pau Gasol (Spain).

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