Slava Rabinovich: to bring from Russians from the “scoop” 40 years is not enough


Слава Рабинович: чтобы вывести из россиян из “совка” 40 лет будет не достаточно

All names in this story are fictitious. And the facts – not fictitious. The facts are real.

Imagine: Moscow, 38-year-old mother of two children (daughter – 8, son – 6 years old), divorced, and supported herself and children, works full time, has a higher education. Political support to PARNAS and Bulk. Hate Putinism. Putin considers Russia as the dictatorship of the fascist type. Let’s call her Mary.

Her daughter Irina is studying in the 2nd grade. Maria, her mom works, so Ira goes to “prodlenki”. In recent weeks, Mary has noticed that a small Ira there are some… how should I put this… some kind of anxiety. Something was bothering her. And then she asked the daughter of Ira – what’s been bothering her? And 8-year-old Irina replied.

8-year-old Ira said that soon – the war. Those who last time attacked us again soon we will capture.

8-year-old Ira also said that their teacher, the one that leads “prodlenki”, showed them a film about the war. And not one of several films about the war. And then they whole class discussed these films. Children, pupils in the second (!!!) the class of the Moscow school, discussing propaganda films about the war, do not know what quality. I guess those movies that are approved by the Stalinist Vasilyeva, with the filing Professora Medina?

“Debriefing” between parents and teacher was not yet. And, perhaps, will not. Parents can’t come to a common opinion, should or should not do this to your children.

But 8-year-old Ira is concerned. Her – alarm. Soon after the war. Those who last time attacked us again soon we will take over!!!

I think this is the bottom? What do you think? Do you think this is the bottom? No, this story will be #Bullshead.

6-year-old Fyodor, the son of Masha, goes to kindergarten. In kindergarten, the most conspicuous place hanging a portrait of Putin. In may all children in kindergarten gave out the ribbons. Fyodor put on the ribbon and in this form appeared before Mary, when she came to pick him up from kindergarten. Out on the street, Masha was removed from Fedi Colorado tape and threw it in the trash. 6-year-old Fyodor cried. Crying, he asked his mother: “am I not worthy to wear this sash?”. A little boy was hysterical, and Mary didn’t know how to stop her – what to say, how to explain to a child…?

Moses led the Jews through the Sinai desert for 40 years. Why so long, because if he really wanted to bring them out of slavery in Egypt to Canaan, before the go was a maximum of three weeks? Why he circled the desert?

Moses wanted to died out two generations of Jews with slave mentality to home came free and enlightened people.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union it took 26 years. And after the collapse of the Soviet Union, before Putin came – much smaller: only nine. You say, in a few decades, anyway?

No. Post-Soviet Russia is not a desert. There are neither Moses, nor of the desert. Here is the teacher “after school”, the activity of which breaks the psyche 8-year-old students and also serves as the clearest example of criminal offences – fraud in the election (we all know that the greatest number of criminals among the school teachers, who with joy and zeal falsifiziert the results of the elections throughout the country). There is [email protected]@@[email protected]@@chki that hang in the kindergarten portraits of Putin and handing out 6-year-old children Colorado ribbons, over the past four years transformed from a seemingly valid Patriotic-historical character in real ridge fascist Putin’s KGB junta.

And in the “sleeping areas” of the same Moscow and St. Petersburg, and other cities across Russia, there are forty to sixty, in which there are apartments in which families live, consisting of three, or even four generations. Grandchildren and their grandparents. In one apartment with the Yugoslav “wall” Bulgarian sets and the Soviet carpets on the walls. And many of these grandparents raising granddaughter and my angel, you being galimybi soundracer and Stalinists.

Neither Moses, nor the desert. It is not forty years. It is unknown how much. Maybe four hundred?


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