SkyUp allowed to start the flight Kiev-Paris


SkyUp разрешили запустить рейс Киев-ПарижPreviously, access was impossible.

The Board of the SAS meeting on March 29 approved the application SkyUp to fulfill three weekly flights Kiev-Paris on 31 March.

The Commission also allowed the airline to open March 31, with flights Kharkov-Paris with a frequency of three times a week and the flight Kiev-nice with a frequency of twice a week.

At this point in the SkyUp note that while early to speak about a specific launch date of the flight, because it is preceded by stage of negotiations and approval slots.

Earlier, the admission of new airlines to Kiev-Paris was impossible due to the limited quota on the fly. In January 2019, it became known that France had offered to Ukraine to partially liberalize air transportation, increasing the quota from 14 to 18 flights per week.


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