Skoda Rapid will get a new name


Skoda Rapid получит новое названиеTo the future generation Rapid install gasoline engines.

At the company of the VW Group Skoda Rapid plan to transfer to a different level of quality.

Before the designers task is to create a car that would have made a worthy competition to the Volkswagen Golf. However, some experts believe that such a rival can be considered the Octavia.

However, Rapid or completely new car which will replace it will be built from scratch. The differences from the representatives of the Octavia will be there.

It is expected that the future generation Rapid will establish gasoline engines in volume a liter and a half. It is also possible the emergence and diesel variant.

So far, Skoda plans do not include the option of electric Rapid. However, this does not preclude the emergence of hybrid option.

The novelty will show in the next year. In addition, the Skoda is to increase production of traditional more Rapid than in 2 times.


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