Skoda has launched European sales of the “passable” crossover Scout


Skoda запустила европейские продажи «проходимого» кроссовера ScoutClearance “passable” cross is 194 mm.

Skoda has launched the official European sales of the “passable” crossover Kodiaq Scout. From conventional cross model Skoda Scout Kodiaq characterized by the presence of additional plastic protective body kit on the perimeter of the body, the original cast wheels of 19 inches and protective plates. Also in this version was reduced overhangs, thereby reducing the angle of entry and exit at 23.1 degrees and 22 degrees respectively. Clearance “passable” cross is 194 mm. Also the car was factory tinted rear Windows.

The “base” model Kodiaq Skoda Scout gets a four-wheel drive system and a package of Off-Road Assist, through which automatically adjusts the response to the gas pedal and differential lock. On the British market the novelty can be purchased from petrol and diesel engines, power ranging from 150 to 190 horsepower.

Skoda запустила европейские продажи «проходимого» кроссовера Scout

Kodiaq Skoda Scout already available in the UK market with a price tag of 32 330 pounds, the equivalent of $ 43,000.


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