SK “Prometheus” takes the leading positions in a volleyball Superleague


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In the Championship of Ukraine in volleyball among female teams continues
to speak confidently Kamenskoe SK “Prometheus”. After four matches
the team is in first place of the standings, while showing
an impressive statistic. The gap from the nearest competitors is significant. Immediately
it is clear that girls, as well as the club management are serious.

Before the historic, first team to a match in the hometown of the President of the club “Prometheus” Vladimir Dubinsky wrote an appeal.

As told Vladimir Dubinsky, the game SK “Prometheus” makes
honor not only the town of Kamenskoye, but of the whole of the Dnipropetrovsk region. After all, SK “Prometheus”
actually is not only his hometown, but the entire area. Not worth it
to forget that in the Ukrainian Superleague is the only team for which
have to support the residents of the area.

He encourages the fans to take part
in the club’s activities and come support the volleyball directly in the stands. Each
match – a real feast for players, and for real fans
this kind of sport. Without a doubt, without the support of the fans of this sport
girls to play and win every game it would be much harder.

Special thanks to Vladimir Dubinsky expresses the city
the head of the city Andrey Belousov, volleyball Federation of Ukraine and its leader
Michael Miller. The separate gratitude is deserved coach Andrei Romanovich,
which leads the team to a new, memorable victories.

“Prometheus” — Victory!!!” – told
his address the President of the club SK “Prometheus” Vladimir Dubinsky.

It is worth noting that the second match is a home tour in the framework of
championship of Ukraine in volleyball for SK “Prometheus” is over the maximum
effective. The visiting team from Lutsk “Volyn-University-ODYUSSH” lost everything
three parties with a score of 25:19, 25:11, 25:21. Despite the fact that from the first minute have
representatives of the “Prometheus” everything was not smooth, the team leaders were able to take
the game in their hands and to keep the advantage until the end of the match.

We will remind, the professional female volleyball team of SK
“Prometheus” was only established this year. At the same time, the plans of
ambitious. The team plans to win the title of champion of Ukraine in the Superleague and
represent Ukraine at the international competition in volleyball. This will help
the best volleyball team of Ukraine among whom there are active players
The national team of Ukraine.

As previously noted, a famous Soviet volleyball player and
Ukrainian volleyball coach Oleg Mogilev, “Ukraine in the modern
the story that never was”. Victory over the bronze prize-winner of last year it is only

And for the success of the team SK “Prometheus” will be
to follow October 18, “Blogger-Medovarski”. The matches will be held in
Vinnitsa. The team shows a very rich game, and then fans for sure
will not be bored. Make sure that after a few days.


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