Six foods that may cause diabetes


Шесть продуктов, способных спровоцировать диабетKeep their consumption to a minimum.

Diet in exercises plays a major role in preventing diseases and improving health. However, the use of some products can lead to the development of diabetes of the 2nd type.

This was told by the dietician Yelena Tolokonnikova.

1. Wheat products

These products are very quickly digested and cause a jump in blood sugar. All due to the use of refined flour. The nutritionist advises to eat whole grain products.

Diabetes of the 2nd type – the causes
• hormonal disorders and diseases
• exposure to chemicals or drugs;
• change in insulin receptors
• diseases of pancreas (tumor, pancreatitis, etc.);
• syndromes of genetic origin.

2. White rice

Frequent use of this product (4-5 times a week) can lead to diabetes of the 2nd type. This product contains little fiber and a large amount of glucose immediately enters the bloodstream.

That is why you need to replace white rice for brown or red.

3. Sausage

Daily use of this product may cause development of insulin deficiency. But the risk of diabetes increases by 50%.

4. Milk

Despite the fact that milk and dairy products are considered healthy, they can lead to diabetes. All because of the abundance of saturated fats, which can provoke insulin insufficiency.

The nutritionist said that more than a glass of milk for an adult is not necessary.

5. Foods containing sugar

Significantly increases the level of glucose in the blood products containing sugar – soft drinks, packaged juices and alcohol.

6. Sweets

However, everything depends on the amount of use. If you eat a lot of sweets, it can lead to excess weight and diabetes.


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