Simple ways to get rid of excess calories


Простые способы избавиться от лишних калорийSmall trick for easy weight loss.

In order to lose weight, it is necessary not only to consume enough calories, but to burn them. How to make the process of burning calories efficiently?..

If you want to burn more calories, but don’t have enough time in order to have time to go to the gym or swim in the pool, try to apply these tricks: they will certainly help.

Method 1
Accelerates metabolism

A well-functioning metabolism is the basis of successful weight loss. In order to speed up metabolism, turn your compound exercises squats or jumping. By the way, lost weight Christina Aguilera: she was doing a day 350 squats! If you were frightened by this figure, start with ten squats.

Method 2
Cold air

The colder the air in your room, the more calories your body spends to maintain its vital functions. Another reason to turn on the air conditioner for cooling!

Method 3
The view series new

Watch TV? Even at this time, you can lose weight! To do this, simply sit on the floor: in this position our muscles are working more than while sitting on bed or chair. You yourself will feel as they tighten.

Method 4
A reminder on your phone

Install on your phone signal-a reminder every 30 minutes. When it rings, get up and walk a little, stretch your muscles. The 5-minute walk will burn 15 calories, but it is already something!

Method 5
Plus five

Daily physical activity (running, walking, charging, add only 5 minutes. It’s quite a bit you will not notice as they pass. But exactly at this time will increase the intense burning of calories in your body!

Method 6
Exercises with weights

If you in the morning, do exercises, add weights: regular squats or swings arms with dumbbells will be much more efficient. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can instead, use plastic bottles filled with water.


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