Simple ways to get rid of cracked skin hands


Несложные способы избавиться от трещин на коже рукWhat to do when cracks in the skin

Cracks on the skin look very ugly. Also these cracks are dangerous to health, harmful microorganisms can enter through them into the deeper layers of the skin.

Especially bad when cracked skin on fingers favorite handles any job around the house begins to cause pain, discomfort. Want to these cracks quickly healed. The earlier you start treatment, the better the result.

On sale, you can easily find moisturizers that possess healing properties. When cracks on the skin is small, then you can quickly get rid of them using this cream.

If cracks in the skin deep enough in the zone of cracks there is itching, fingers constantly itching, you will have to go to the pharmacy for special ointments. Good ointments containing vitamins A, D, aloe Vera extract.

It so happens that the cracks bleed. Such cracks should be treated as cuts. Pre-need to wash my hands, then to treat bleeding cracks with antiseptic after to lubricate cracked green paint or a special healing ointment, top to impose a fleece, close up the patch. Alternatively, you can use medical glue.

When the skin has cracks, all homework should be done in a special plastic or rubber gloves.

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If the skin is constantly cracking, it is necessary to determine why this is happening, to eliminate adverse factors from your life. Cracks can appear when a person is poor, drying soap. Amazing, but expensive antibacterial soap often dries the skin, this soap can be even more harmful than usual. Leather can also crack due to lack of dietary vitamins E and A. there should be dairy products, eggs, nuts – they contain these vitamins.


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