Siemens is firing employees EN masse


Siemens массово увольняет сотрудниковThe company will close two plants for manufacturing turbines in Germany.

German company Siemens has announced massive job cuts. According to the statements of the company, will be dismissed almost seven thousand employees worldwide.

Almost half of the planned layoffs will be implemented in Germany. The company intends to completely shut down two plants for manufacturing turbines in Saxony in the East of the country – in the city of görlitz and Leipzig, where a total of 920 people. Another plant in Erfurt will probably be sold.

The maximum number of reductions will have on the industry, engaged in production of power equipment. There will be dismissed 6100 employees, 2600 of them in Germany. Their seats will lose the 760 employees in the field of electrical equipment, mainly used in the Siemens factory in Berlin.

The head of personnel management Janina Kugel said the company will do its best to process of reduction of working capacity passed as gently as possible, careful and were as long as possible.

As reported Корреспондент.net this year there was a scandal around Siemens for supply of turbines in the Crimea annexed by Russia.
The German company has accused Russia of violating the terms of the contract and filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration court. The Kremlin insisted at first that arrived in Crimea “Russian-made equipment, assembled from Russian components,” but then acknowledged that modernization of turbines by Siemens and deliveries to the Russian troops seized the Ukrainian Peninsula.

In the end, the EU imposed sanctions against Russia because of the turbines in the Crimea.


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