Sick and beautiful at the expense of the people


Болеть красиво и за счёт народа

High-ranking Russian bureaucrats and their “guests”.

Russian state-owned companies carouse — 200 million ₽ bought football tickets. Of course, on the VIP stand, do not sit the home life among the mortals (although not very simple, the tickets for the world Cup in Moscow is very expensive).
Show completely…

But our bureaucrats do not mind the money: not your own, and you can party. 200 million is the profit not received in the state budget. It’s Your money, the Lord had risen from his knees to the Russians. You robbed again.

In fact in the world state — owned companies- the most humble, because they are under strict control of society. Mail UK, the Railways of Germany and “State oil” in Norway is nothing like afford do not have the right: immediately fire the leaders, and even forced to pay damages. Just main task of state — owned companies- to fill the country’s budget and not to spend on the pleasure of superiors.

In the Western state-owned companies there are no huge salaries, luxury limousines, private jets and country palaces to please the customers and partners. It is only in Russia the lion’s share of assets of state companies is spent on luxury and wealth appointed as officials close “to the court” and not the needs of the people. It’s time to understand that the Russian government does not serve the people and bureaucratic NOMENCLATURE, bathing in luxury.

So citizens, taxpayers, You are strangers to this celebration of life. Russia — forward!



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