Shredder food waste InSinkErator Evolution 100 Suprime


I do not know such a person, who would have liked to make food waste. When the trash chute is located immediately behind the door – still where did not go, but it often happens that the nearest musorofiti is only in a neighboring yard. In other words, will have to dress up to get down (maybe even on the stairs) and take a promenade about 100 metres with a garbage bag in his hand, at the wrong time will lose tightness and pour some watermelon juice your shoes. Agree, the picture is worthy of a horror movie. And even if you throw it away, we often corny forget to empty the pail in time, and food debris can MOPE in the apartment for several days, highlighting a very unpleasant smell, feeding cockroaches and other unpleasant personalities.

Most interesting is that problem is easily solved by the simple installation of a food waste disposer. The unit is mounted under the sink and grinds all food residues, turning them into puree, which is without question recovering straight to the sewer. By a twist of fate, recently in my kitchen ordered InSinkErator Evolution 100 Suprime , and experience using it, I want to share with you.


In the box is the unit itself, the system of fastening quick-lock, pneumatic switch button, rubber “skirt”, two-position cap drain sinks, Allen key and a set of accessories for connecting communications. Some manufacturers still invest in the package pusher and a magnet to trap metallic objects, but as shown, they are not really needed.

The device has a barrel shape and a very decent size (height 312 mm and a diameter of 205 mm), so before buying you should make sure that it will definitely be a place under the sink. If the sink has two bowls, I recommend to set the chopper on low, keeping under the main space. You need to consider the power supply of the device and make sure you have a siphon-type “snake” with a diameter of 38 mm, as traditional (bottle) is not suitable – it will be to accumulate shredded waste. In order to reduce vibration, the unit has a fairly large mass (8 kg). “Suprime” in the title is from a designer line, so the housing here is made of maroon plastic (although who specifically is to look under the sink?).

InSinkErator is mounted directly on the drain hole of the sink with a metal mount quick-lock. The diameter of the drain should be 90 mm, otherwise you’ll have to look for a special drill and expand on it. Between the mount and disposera installed anti-vibration ring, which reduces the load on the sink. Quick-lock is designed so that the installation can produce one person without the use of additional equipment. Top into the hole first, set a “skirt” that transmits the waste in one direction only, and then cap with two modes: “set water” and “drain”. From the body there are two plastic nozzle. The upper is used for connecting washing machine or dishwasher, and the lower splitter are connected through the water seal and overflow where it will go “smoothies” made from recycled waste.

Switching on and off of the device is performed by means of pneumatic buttons, which can be installed both on the edge of the sink and the countertop. For this you will need a drill with a diameter of 33 mm. With a flexible hose is connected to the key hole on the bottom of the chopper. It is worth noting that the button is not supplied electricity, and therefore, will not occur and short-circuit due to spilled water on her. As you can see, installing InSinkErator can handle not even an expert.

The principle of operation

First, you must enable the average pressure of the cold water, remove the stopper from the drain and turn on the device, after that you can start to push through splash “skirt” food waste in small portions. The inner chamber of the shredder with a volume of 1005 ml made of stainless steel. There are no sharp blades, but only a pair of metal Cams mounted on a rotating with a speed of 1425 Rev/min drive. They can be rotated around the fixing, so to shift. Falling inside the camera these Cams are split waste into smaller fractions, which by centrifugal force are discarded for the self-sharpening container. They are ground to a pulp with a particle size of not more than 3 mm. These grains are picked up by water flow and are carried away in drains.

The disk is driven in rotation 550-watt induction engine, which provides enough to grind the bones of torque. As in any other motor of this type, there are no rubbing parts, so it is much quieter than a standard engine. In addition, in the case InSinkErator has a double companyhouse screen, and the top sounds produces all the same rubber “skirt”. In the end, when the work is heard only quiet low-frequency rumble. When the last portion will disappear inside the chopper, must wait another 20 seconds, until the water washed away the last remnants of organic matter.

To prevent sticking, the engine every few seconds change the direction of rotation of the disk. If the failure still happens then you need to disable the device and the water, insert the hex wrench into the center hole from below to pull with it the disk, to extract from the working chamber of the items that led to the failure, and then press restart (also located at the bottom). The shredder is virtually maintenance free: the solids themselves will clear it. If the bone is not expected, you can use ice cubes along with the lemon rind. The mixture not only remove the organic matter from the working parts, but and deliver a pleasant scent.


InSinkErator Suprime 100 great job to the following product categories:

watermelon and melon peel;
– pruning, cleaning, and whole vegetables and fruits;
– nuts and seeds;
– bones from fish and chicken, and not too large animal bones;
– egg shells, noodles, various cereals, bread and crackers;
soups and main dishes, desserts and porridges.
For better processing of soft waste, it is best to mix them with solid ingredients. For example, with chicken skin: alone she did not want to split, but it was enough to add bones, how the process went. No need to “feed” the shredder various fibrous materials: corn on the cob, onion peels, stems of dill or parsley. I have a problem with mango seed: they were split, and literally wound on the Cams. Fat before processing should be cool, otherwise it will settle on the parts of the device and sewer pipes, for the same reason, always use cold water for flushing.

Bad option to start the processing disposure inorganic waste like wrappers, plastic cups, plastic bags, thread, clay and other things. All this is certainly not to split, but the risk of damage occurring is great. If inside accidentally drops a fork or spoon, it’ll work overload and the unit will turn off.


After a month of using the chopper, I find it hard to imagine life without this wonderful device. Disposer greatly saves time, prevents spread of unpleasant smells of fish and decay and does not contribute to reproduction of microorganisms and insects. The application device has a positive effect on the sewer system because the solid particles of the pipe are cleaned. “Thank you” I say and nature: according to Greenpeace, the installation of a shredder in every Moscow apartment will help to neutralize about two million tons of food waste a year!

InSinkErator Evolution 100 Suprime cope with almost all types of food waste from vegetable peelings to bones and nuts. The device is virtually maintenance free: just working, it self-cleans and floats samsarajade. Confident in the high quality, the manufacturer offers a 6-year warranty on their product.


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