Shocking content that destroys faith in humanity


This is disgusting carelessness, committed by members of the private media group that successfully develops the state money. Flagrant amateurism of its employees undermined the hundreds of “fart”.

Шокирующий контент, уничтожающий веру в человечество

Discussed the removal of the ether “TNT” series “servant of the people”, but nobody questions why it happened. One gets the feeling that absolutely everywhere in senior positions sit incompetent people who lack a sense of responsibility, and the results of their idleness feeds half of the population 24/7.
For some magical reason, the Board of channel TNT decided to show the “Servant of the people” – because in fact all those who had a desire to get acquainted with the series, the long-looked it up on the Internet. Initially the channel was silent, he plans to show a few episodes, and after giving everyone a paid subscription to your service. The series is publicly removed from the broadcast grid after from it cut the joke about Putin, and then all screamed about censorship.

Шокирующий контент, уничтожающий веру в человечество

This story only indicates one thing – the Board of the company has got excellent Russophobes (Hello “Echo of Moscow”) or simply slackers who don’t bother to miscalculation of variants of development of events. Maybe they intentionally created this situation to once again people are talking about “the horrors of the regime.” Such absurdities inherent in absolutely everything, and it is much worse.
Remember even very recent history with Love Sable, which apparently decided to save on the speechwriter and read one of the old texts. Such incidents show us that the modern audience because of the abundance of various content ready to consume more and more, regardless of its quality.

That case “Gazprom-media” that FBK – both show the ratio of content creators to the viewer. They have long been no matter how to talk/show – main to fill the air and remind myself through any available communication channel, and the people all watching and discussing…


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