Ships Boeing and SpaceX have discovered a threat to the space program


В кораблях Boeing и SpaceX обнаружили угрозу для космической программыThese shortcomings may affect the safety

NASA has warned Boeing and SpaceX about the flaws in the manned vehicles they produce.

These defects can affect safety, says aerospace control, said Reuters, citing sources in the aerospace industry in the US and report NASA for 2018. All this threatens US plans to revive its program of manned space flight, the Agency said.

We are talking about ships of the CST-100 Cockpit (vehicle Boeing), and Crew Dragon (the SpaceX spacecraft). On March 2, was scheduled the first unmanned launch Crew Dragon, and it was postponed several times as it was necessary to conduct additional testing equipment. Unmanned launch CST-100 Cockpit was also moved from March to April. The flight crew to the ISS, SpaceX was carried out in July this year, and Boeing in August.

In early February, NASA presented the annual report, which States that “there are serious problems with the current schedules, the launch from SpaceX and Boeing”

The document States four “key element of risk”. Against Boeing is the vulnerability of thermal protection of a space capsule, SpaceX in the report referred to in connection with the technology of refueling of the rocket when the crew is inside the capsule. Both companies have problems with performance of parachute systems.

Two sources to Reuters indicate that the concern of NASA is not just these flaws. “At the beginning of February, the list of risks contained from 30 to 35 technical problems like SpaceX and Boeing. Find out what are these problems, the Agency failed, but his interlocutors said that the company needs to solve “most” of these problems before sending the astronauts in flight.

“SpaceX and Boeing have comparable problems with security,” said one of the sources of Agency in the US government.

The Boeing representative Josh Barrett told Reuters that the company “closed” the risk of the capsule, completing the test program in January. “Our figures show that we exceed the safety requirements of NASA,” said Barrett.

In turn, the representative of SpaceX, James Gleason said that the company has developed “one of the safest and most advanced systems of manned space flight ever”.


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