“She’ll kill us even under the earth”: “Alabuga” frightened British journalists


"Она убьёт нас даже под землёй": "Алабуга" напугала британских журналистов

Photo: code404 / pixabay

The British newspaper “Daily Star” is seriously concerned about the existing Russian army weapons. They were particularly struck by the avionics of the missile complex “Alabuga”.

They write that “Alabuga” is capable of disabling entire armies. “Secret weapon” of Russian with the help of high-frequency radiation disables communication system and eliminates the technique – says the author of “Daily Star”.

“Alabuga” is more powerful than a nuclear bomb, it will make NATO useless equipment in a radius of 3.5 kilometers, – is British. Especially the author scared the Russian project of installation of electronic rockets on the drones.

Such UAVs will take a rocket into deep behind enemy lines, slashing encountered along the way the enemy planes. “Alabuga” “locks the automatic charging of tanks, artillery shells explode inside the turret and kill the enemy soldiers hiding underground at a depth of 100 meters, with the help of radiation”.

About the detonation of ammunition have doubts, and as for lethal radiation, then the author deliberately exaggerating. No radiation “Alabuga” to radiate, of course, will not.

Imagine that happening in the editorial of the British publication, if they found out about the electronic warfare complex “Murmansk”. Because the radius is 5 thousand kilometers. Probably, would recognize Putin is the only God on Earth, and went EN masse to surrender.

Joking apart, Russian defence engineers are working for the glory. For example, the same “Daily Star” said the machine remote mine “Foliage”. Listva detects and undermines radio-controlled bombs at a distance by using microwave radiation. In the next two years the Russian military will receive 150 of these machines, and the British journalists, the new nervous disorder.


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