“Shakhtar” overcame “Dynamo” in the ranking of the most successful clubs of Ukraine in the European competitions


Donetsk “Shakhtar” beat “Dynamo” from Moscow by the number of points earned in competition.

For 25-year history of performances of Ukrainian clubs in European competition universal reference point remained Kiev “Dynamo”, but at the start of the 2017-2018 season, Shakhtar managed to get ahead of rivals.

In February of this year, Shakhtar’s away victory over the “Celta” in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League caught up with the Dynamo on points in the common Fund (237:237). Due to the direct hit in the group stage of the Champions League team, Paulo Fonseca in the new season, recorded a balance of four points, which allowed the 10-times champion of Ukraine to lead the ranking of the most successful clubs in UEFA club competition.

“Shakhtar” for the first time bypassed “Dynamo” on points in the European Cup in season 1995-96, but really, the Pitmen played out from the season 2004-2005. Since then Shakhtar 12 times ahead of Dynamo’s performances on the international stage, and only in the 2011-2012 season, the people of Kiev managed to settle in absentia opposition to a draw.

Top 10 Ukrainian clubs in Euro cups:

1. Shakhtar – 241 points
2. Dynamo – 238
3. Dnipro – 89
4. “Metalist” – 62,5
5. “Chernomorets” – 28,5
6. Metalurh D – 16
7. Vorskla – 14
8. Karpaty – 12,5
9. Zarya – 8
10. Arsenal (CSKA) – 7.

Dynamo until the end of summer have a chance to return to the first row. To do so they need Alexander Khatskevich in the third qualifying round of the Champions League to pass the “young boys” (the first match “Dynamo” won with the score 3:1), then to win a round of the playoffs, and get four bonus points for reaching the group stage of the Eurocup.


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