Shakhtar became the most successful Ukrainian team in the Champions League


Shakhtar Donetsk surpassed the achievement of the capital “Dynamo” by the number of participations in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

In yesterday’s Champions League match “Shakhtar” with the score 2:1 beat Manchester city and fourth time came in the playoffs of the main club tournament in the world. This achievement was a new record in the history of Ukrainian football.

Before Shakhtar the title of the most successful Ukrainian club in the Champions League was shared with “Dynamo”. Both teams three times in the Champions League has reached the playoffs.

All of Shakhtar’s participation in the knockout stages of the Champions League:

Season 2010-2011: 1/8 final victory over as Roma (3:2 and 3:0), 1/4 of final – a defeat from “Barcelona” (1:5, 0:1).
Season 2012-2013: 1/8 final defeat by Borussia D (2:2, 0:3).
Season 2014-2015: 1/8 final – a defeat from “Bavaria” (0:0, 1:7).
Season 2017-2018: 1/8 final opponents still unknown.

All of the participation of “Dynamo” in the playoffs of the Champions League*:

Season 1997-1998: 1/4 final – a defeat from “Juventus” (1:4, 1:6).
Season 1998-1999: 1/4 of final – a victory over real Madrid (2:0 and 1:1), defeat from “Bavaria” (3:3, 0:1).
Season 2015-2016: 1/8 final – a defeat from “Manchester city” (1:3, 0:0).

*in the 1999-2000 season, Dynamo has also managed to qualify from the group, but in the second group stage in Kiev took the third place and the playoffs were not included.


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