Sexual desire depends on several factors


Сексуальное влечение напрямую зависит от некоторых факторов

Sexual attraction to a partner can become the stronger, the weaker. To keep the libido is constantly at a high level – not an easy task. A disorder in which a pair can occur due to problems with intimate life. If the problem, close the eyes and not to utter them, the family may cease to exist. Decrease in sexual desire can occur for many different reasons, both women and men.

Lack of water

Small water consumption can have a negative effect on the desire to have sex. The body weakens and libido disappears if there is a shortage of the liquid. Not to “headache”, you should drink a little more water than usual.

Tears and tantrums

Women know that a strong gender does not tolerate tears and tantrums. Men try to do everything to ensure that their favorite wasn’t sad at all and soon stopped crying. Many ladies take advantage of this, however, in the case of intimacy, this approach is not effective. On the contrary, women’s tears are able to discourage and suppress the desire of man. Experts claim that the smell of tears lowers testosterone levels and have a partner there is a desire to reassure the lady of the heart, and not to have sex with her.


The extra pounds undoubtedly leave their imprint on the intimate lives of men and women. Besides, obesity is harmful to health. But the strict diet would be just another extreme and will not contribute to harmony in sexual relationships. Low mood, lethargy, hunger will make a man happy in bed with your partner: it will not have strength and energy. All thoughts focus on food.


The situation, when one partner snores and the other has to sleep on the couch in the next room, is not uncommon among couples. What kind night of love, when between spouses wall. The woman who has to endure the snoring of the elect, sleeps badly and feels broken all day. In this state do not want to think about sex. It is better to consult a specialist who will deliver man from snoring, especially because it interferes with the normal production of sex hormones due to lack of oxygen.


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