Severe flooding in France: thousands of people evacuated


Масштабное наводнение во Франции: тысячи людей эвакуированыEvacuated 1,600.

Severe flooding caused the evacuation of 1,600 people in the South of France, most of which rested in the campgrounds.

The flood came after the South and much of Europe has experienced the abnormal heat.

Most from the high water affected the departments of Gard, ardèche and Drôme. In General, the Ministry of internal Affairs issued a warning about the floods for six departments.

French authorities have dispatched disaster more than 400 firefighters and police officers and four helicopters.

In the commune of Saint-Julien-de-Peyrol from summer camp evacuated 119 people. 70-year-old German, who looked after the children in the camp, missing.

According to officials, several people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.


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