Seven reasons to switch to red wine


Семь причин перейти на красное вино The benefit of red wine is proven by scientists.

Scientists around the world agree that wine in small quantities is helpful.

Like sometimes draining a glass of wine, know the difference between the base notes of Cabernet and Pinot Noir, or just like to enjoy a glass of red after a long day of work? But when there is so much talk about healthy lifestyles and the dangers of alcohol, drinks like something go by the wayside. Experts AnySports decided to tell, what are the benefits and harms of wine for health.

First of all, it should be said that the benefit of red wine significantly greater than the benefits of white wine, so we mostly go about it.

Why it is useful to drink wine?

1. Use for immunity
Red wine reduces the risk of illness, the secret is in the ingredient resveratrol. It is produced by plants in response to damage, ensuring its immunity and helps him to survive.

Man this antioxidant helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and dementia, protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, increases the protective functions of the organism, improves blood circulation and removes cholesterol. Good, right?

2. For glowing skin
The benefits of wine for women lies in its impact on our skin. Resveratrol slows the growth of acne causing bacteria and gives the skin a healthy glow. This property of red wine is actively used on some models. To look good in the photos, the evening before the shooting they drink a glass of red wine. This life hack helps their skin look fresh and healthy the next morning.

3. Makes teeth stronger
Red wine strengthens our 32 pearls. Although a glass of red wine can leave on our teeth temporary pinkish plaque, it also has some useful health of the oral cavity properties. Wine contains polyphenols that help block harmful bacteria, not allowing them to stick to the teeth.

4. Helps to relax
Resveratrol stimulates the secretion of anti-stress protein PARP-1, which activates genes responsible for DNA repair. And it also promotes longevity.

5. Improves digestion
All these polyphenols contained in wine, is actually quite difficult to digest. Doesn’t sound useful, but Spanish scientists have found that polyphenols – the best food for the good bacteria living in our gut.

6. Promotes weight loss
Resveratrol helps to lose weight. Just listen to about the positive results of these studies: one from the University of Washington reports that resveratrol helps convert “white fat” into “brown fat” which is easier to burn. And Harvard University 13 years have seen 20,000 women and found that those who drank two glasses of wine every day are 70 percent less likely to suffer from overweight. In addition, other studies have shown that resveratrol also helps suppress appetite.

7. Can improve the performance on the training
As strange as it may sound, but wine is useful for athletes. Resveratrol can enhance performance. In the course of a couple of studies it was found that the effect of resveratrol can enhance the effect of the exercises. However, the studies were conducted in rats and found that achieving results requires much more resveratrol than you will find in one glass of wine.

“One glass of red wine contains from 0.29 to 1.89 milligrams, says Lauren Schmitt, a nutritionist, a certified personal trainer and owner of Healthy Eating And Training Inc., — Less than 146 milligrams used in the study”.

That is, the person would have to literally drink before to improve performance. But whether you are then able to train. And the hangover the next morning all will bring all the benefits of such exercises to zero. Perhaps the studies in which the subjects drinking non-alcoholic wine. But that’s another story.

Perhaps paragraph 7 is not so good news. But the other benefits of red wine can safely use. The main thing — not to drink wine huge doses, because the abuse of alcohol will turn all its advantages into disadvantages.

The maximum benefit of red wine will bring, if we limit ourselves to one glass a day. And don’t forget the wine overloaded with sugar (wine is made from grapes), so it is best to prefer dry varieties. The benefits and harms of wine for health is defined by the moderate consumption.


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