Service IMDb launched free online cinema


Сервис IMDb запустил бесплатный онлайн-кинотеатрCurrently Freedive only available in the US.

The popular website IMDB launches free streaming service called Freedive, which features dozens of movies and TV shows.

While the service will offer only old movies and TV shows.

However, the choice is not so bad. The audience will be available to such films as Drive, Adaptation, Gattaca, Last action hero, legends of the fall, and panic Room, as well as television shows such as Fringe, Quantum leap, Gilligan’s Island, Heroes, and the Bachelor.

Viewers can watch movies and TV shows on the desktop of your computer or via Amazon device like Fire TV, though all content is advertising-supported. IMDB, which started as a fan site, but since 1998 belongs to Amazon, says that the soon to be launched mobile app.

“Customers already rely on IMDb to find movies and TV shows and decide what to watch. With the launch of IMDb Freedive now they can watch full-length movies and TV shows on IMDb and on all devices Amazon Fire TV. We will continue to improve IMDb Freedive, based on customer feedback, and soon will make it more accessible,” said Col Needham, founder and CEO of IMDB.

A distinctive feature of the service is that in each category are first shown the movies with the highest rating. As noted by IMDB, many people use IMDB ratings to determine a good movie or not, and it’s a great way to scroll the movies to see what you may like.

Currently Freedive only available in the US, and it is unclear whether there are any plans to launch internationally.

“If you haven’t seen “Last action hero”, now you have the chance. Jokes aside. It’s a great movie. And if you think I’m kidding, watch it again. I guarantee that he’s better than you remember” – said in the article about the new service columnist for Gizmodo, Matt Novak.


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