Series: “Mars” from National Geographic, the first closed trends of the season and other news


Every week we tell you about the most striking and interesting news that happened in the world of television. At this time in our field of vision was: “Mars” is a new docudrama from National Geographic channel, closed the first novelties of the season, as well as the trailer of the documentary series “Prisoners of war” from Netflix.

Series: “Mars” from National Geographic, the first closed trends of the season and other news

Premiere of the docudrama “Mars” will have segodnyashny related to the genre of docudrama, are becoming increasingly popular with viewers, and demand, as is usually the case, creates supply. New popular science TV series “Mars” from National Geographic tells about one of the most important directions in space exploration – flight to the Red planet. Humanity, which sooner or later will have to find a new home, has long stuck to Mars, but at this stage of technology development this planet is out of reach of the earth’s space ships. Now we can send is that the Mars Rover that weighs a ton, and you need to learn how to send ships weighing up to 40 times more. Scientists from around the world trying to solve the problem, but it will certainly take some time. The events of the film “Mars” takes place in two time periods – in 2016 and 2033-m years. From 2016 we will be able to learn about the preparations for such a long flight, and from 2033-go – about, what difficulties were faced by the crew of pioneers set out to conquer new for the inhabitants of planet Earth height. The series looks like expensive fantastic movie and all sorts of questions that invariably arise when viewing these movies, you immediately meet real scientists right now who invent and develop rockets, Mars base, space laboratories and other elements of the future human colony. “Mars” will be released almost simultaneously around the world – in Russia the premiere will take place on 13 November at 18.00.

A fragment of the series “Mars”

Channels started to get rid of the novelties of the season 2016/2017На the basis of ratings, expressing the interest of viewers to a particular TV series, TV stations decide on the extension or closure of their projects. If ratings are low, then the series are very small chances for additional episodes or another season. The Freeform channel formerly known as ABC Family, announced the closing of the summer series “Midsummer”. It’s a Thriller, the plot of which was a summer camp in Stillwater, where from a dream awoke something ancient and terrifying. The leadership of PBS decided that the meaning of the renewal of the series for a second season of no – in the end, it is closed once and for all. Another loser of the season is among the novelties of the autumn – again no luck Briton Hayley Atwell: “False accusation” in which she played a major role, too, was closed. ABC-TV will show all the filmed episodes (total of 13), and then allowed to air something else. This is the second series for Atwell, who closes ABC – the first was the “Agent Carter”, which was based on a character of MARVEL comics.

The trailer of the series “a False accusation”

Netflix will release a documentary film “Prisoners”When in movies you observe the behavior of the kidnappers, you’re almost 100% sure that the prisoner will be released and all will be well. “Prisoners” – a new series of online service Netflix from the Director and producer Doug Liman (“edge of tomorrow”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”) will show the audience a frightening reality: what you’ll see in this project, has actually happened. In the center of the narrative will be the stories of ordinary people who had no idea that they can someone to steal. According to published trailer, we can expect another powerful docudrama, in which, apart from documentaries will be shown some reconstructed events related to victims of thieves. The series premiere will be held December 9 – Netflix will release immediately all eight filmed episodes.

The trailer of the series “Prisoners”


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