Serebryakov has told, why in Russia “deteriorating human material”


Серебряков рассказал, почему в России "ухудшается человеческий материал"

The last 20 years in Russia was accompanied by “the endless deterioration of the human material,” said actor Alexei Serebryakov channel “Real Time”.

According to him, the government deliberately tried to “turn people into slaves because they want to”.
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In the program of TV channel “Real Time” “Real cinema” on 20 November, 2017, actor Alexei Serebryakov, Directors Andrey Zvyagintsev and Vitaly Mansky talk on the beach in Jurmala.

Serebryakov says that the Russians, for the most part, devoid of independence and all come at the behest of television: “I Agree that all the latest design, which is still ongoing, there are 20 years – it’s an endless deterioration of the human material in the country. It’s TV, first of all: push the button – get the result, say the letter “A” and get a million. This initiative is infinite: it is not necessary to train. You’re a star, get on the ice and all will admire you. No need to work hard, don’t work, don’t study, don’t do anything. And it is propaganda. We have TV’s only three normal smart transfer: “What? Where? When?” “Jeopardy” and “University challenge”. That’s all.”

According to Serebryakov, “quality of human material is extremely low,” because this policy of the state.

“This is politics. Actually, it is that you need to turn people into slaves because they want to. So we have a lot of the army, we have a country with the largest number of law enforcement agencies on a per capita basis. Because people who are not responsible for themselves, they conform to order. It is easier to live. You ordered – you did. All. You don’t take responsibility for their lives, and this is the main problem,” said Serebryakov.

20 Feb Serebryakov in an interview with journalist Yuri Dude called the national idea of Russia “power, arrogance and rudeness”.

After that, a number of artists reacted to the statement of the actor:

Director Andrey Konchalovsky said he does not feel the actor “nothing but sympathy”. “I hope that he will continue to play in Russia to live there because he is unlikely to need someone,” said the Director.
Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin compared Serebryakova from Smerdyakov from “the Brothers Karamazov”. “I hate Russia”, – Serebryakov played Smerdyakov. Or Vice versa”, – Rogozin wrote in his Facebook.
First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Vladimir Bortko said that “very disappointed” with Serebryakov. “You do not be, and must be a citizen, tell him about it,” said Bortko.
State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov said that Serebryakov “confused Zvyaginskiy fantasy with our reality. He could not get out of the way of buharik of “Leviathan”. I travel a lot around Russia and see Russian man, a hard worker”.

“When I read in the comments – don’t go back home, cut you and your whole family, well, well there are sick people,” said Serebryakov in an interview with “Real Time”.


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