Senators in the U.S. asked banks to disclose ties with Putin’s entourage


Сенаторы в США потребовали от банков раскрыть связи с окружением Путина

A letter to the international credit organizations asked two legislators. Such a measure, in their opinion, will increase pressure on the defendants, “the Kremlin list” and the banks themselves — they risk to fall under sanctions.

Two U.S. senators-Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, and Sheldon Whitehouse — sent in a number of the world’s largest financial institutions requesting them to disclose any information about their links and contacts controlled structures with Russian businessmen close to President Vladimir Putin. This is with reference to a copy of the letter writes Reuters, Recalling that the United States made the imposition of sanctions against these individuals.

Such a measure, as suggested by the authors of the letter will increase pressure on the defendants, “the Kremlin list” of the U.S. Treasury, and international banks. In the case that after their treatment they will provide the data requested by the senators, Washington will be able to inspect the persons with whom these credit institutions do business. If there will be caught in “the Kremlin list” entrepreneurs from Russia, the United States after the imposition of sanctions against them will be able to include in the black list, and these financial institutions — the case was included in the list of limitations, according to previous us sanctions laws, contractors conduct prohibited under threat of falling under the secondary sanctions.

A letter with a request to disclose information about contacts with persons from “the Kremlin list”, according to Reuters, was addressed to three major U.S. banks — Bank of America Corp, JPMorgan Chase and Citibank, as well as a number of European (in particular, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, UBS, HSBC and Credit Suisse).

“Given their [Russian businessmen] wealth and the relationship to the Russian state, many entrepreneurs in Russia or have significant political influence, or are exposed to it”, — stated in the message of the Senate, seen by the Agency. Its influence, as suggested by the American legislators, these people are including to use in order “to protect their country from sanctions.”

Each Bank, Shaheen and Whitehouse requested data on how did their representatives in the past five years, an audit to determine: if a credit institution, any account under the control of the people of published on 29 January US list of Russian businessmen and high-ranking political figures. If such people were found, the senators asked credit institutions to provide information about these inspections, and any materials discovered accounts. If the Bank such audit is not conducted, Shaheen and Whitehouse asked his representatives that the financial institution do to determine if it holds some of the collaborative actions listed in the “Kremlin report” Russians.


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