“Sell everything under the law”! The Federation of trade unions sharply said Valentina Matvienko


"Все продавали по закону"! Федерация профсоюзов резко ответила Валентине Матвиенко

For the first time in history! Always agree with the government Federation of Independent trade unions of Russia has expressed bewilderment about the fact that Valentina Matvienko “concerned with the problems of organization of children’s holidays and sanatorium treatment” and expressed interest in the property and funds of trade unions.

Such information is contained in the statement of the FNPR.

In response to the statement of the Chairman of the Federation Council of Valentina Matvienko (in the debate on the budget of the social insurance Fund) that in Soviet times the largest owners of sanatoria and bases of rest were trade unions, which since 1990-ies sold a huge number of buildings and its proposal “to hear it in Committee,” how many of these assets were sold and what happened to the money, the General Council of FNPR stated the following:

“The Federation of Independent trade Unions of Russia openly and legally since 1992, owns, uses and disposes of trade-Union property – that is, is the legal owner of the property, which was transferred to the FNPR General Confederation of trade Unions after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russian Federation any property to the trade unions did not pass. The trade unions of Russia in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Federal Law “On trade unions, their rights and guarantees of activities” and in accordance with the ILO conventions have made and makes a legal transaction to dispose of his property, which was uncontroversial from various regulatory bodies, at different times, documented these transactions”.

The statement of the General Council repeatedly noted (for some reason, as a counterargument), Valentina Matvienko, who served during the period of active privatization in positions had nothing against the ongoing FITUR transactions. We will remind that from NFPS need the report about the current state of things, to ensure the ability to distribute vouchers for children in summer camps.

Not to report on their own activities, access reports which the press is not granted, the Unions urge the Federation Council to hold – neither more nor less – “analysis of the voucher privatization, mortgage auctions, permanent adoption by the Government of the Russian Federation of decisions on the privatization of remaining state assets, including mineral resources, establishment of their beneficiaries and on expenditure generated by these processes of funds.”

NPR in his address also said that according to the Federal law “On trade unions, their rights and guarantees of activity” dated 12.01.1996 №10-FZ and ILO Convention No. 87 “On freedom of Association and protection of the right to organize”, 06.07.1956 ratified and acknowledged in the Russian Federation, state intervention in trade Union activities, including financial, is not allowed. That is, to report they do not intend to.

“Novye Izvestiya” has already been recalled in connection with the previous application of Valentina Matvienko, the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union went to 678, the cost of which was estimated at approximately 2.9 billion rubles (January 1, 1992). And the property almost immediately began to be sold for virtually nothing. For example, according to statements of local activists, “only in 2000-e years the local unit of the fcpd has sold more than 200 objects,” such data leads AIF.




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