Secret weapon: North Korea has something even scarier bombs


Newspaper Nodong Sinmun published an article which stated that in the event of a military conflict with the Americans, the DPRK “will surely win”.

The publication is confident that the country “has created a powerful strike means beyond imagination, will surely win” in the war.

Секретное оружие: у КНДР есть кое-что пострашнее бомбы


Why North Koreans such weapons and whether it exists, “the Truth.Ru” said the head of the Center for Korean studies Institute of Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Jebin.

— Now there is such situation, and she became aggravated because North Korea got something that can put an end to the American diktat and arbitrariness in the international arena.

First, even according to Western sources, the reactor, which caused and causes the greatest concern to the US and its allies, which turned out plutonium, was taken, is from open sources, and from IAEA, this English sample reactor magnets. The radiochemical laboratory is also was taken from public sources, because the Koreans were members of the IAEA has cooperated, is a Belgian sample. Well, then, because if Russia and the United States began its nuclear program from scratch, the North Koreans could be involved with the process means. There was a lot of open source information.

Then there were already professionals, some who have received education in the peaceful applications of nuclear energy, but they switched to military. And, of course, may have worked some intelligence, some intelligence was obtained. The North Koreans were able to concentrate. In principle, any country, if there is political will, financial resources and people, it can make such a bomb. It depends primarily on political decisions of the leadership as it considers threats to national security.

The North Koreans, they openly talked about it, why are they doing this programme — they were very frightened by what happened in Iraq and Libya, earlier in Yugoslavia and in Eastern Europe. There the ruling elite were all removed from power, many were under the court, some died in prison, Milosevic. And the fate of Saddam Hussein and especially Gaddafi, who has handed over its peaceful nuclear program and the answer was simply torn to pieces by the crowd, and the country torn apart — a good example for them. Of course, the ruling elite of North Korea and its leader such a fate is not satisfied. And they did everything possible mobilized, apparently, all of the resources that they had to solve this problem.

Why they have chosen such a path? Well, North Korea could not compete with the United States, Japan and South Korea in the field of conventional weapons, because they are updated often enough and are quite expensive, some not less than the nuclear program. And the North Koreans was under his feet, so to speak, the raw materials, the country has rich reserves of uranium ore, where some 15 thousand tons.

There is and choice that this option suggests itself. In addition, the North Koreans do not have large reserves of energy. Coal, no oil, no gas, so the development of nuclear energy for them, too, it is a natural thing. They wanted to develop it. Especially in South Korea now working at nuclear power plants 25 nuclear reactors.

As always the Koreans, North and South, facing each other. If the South does something, nuclear industry, nuclear power station, the North too would like to do. If South launches satellites, the North wants it, too. They have a competition going on for the whole period of their existence.

So of course, Koreans are very sensitive perceived a ban on launches using ballistic technologies. Any launch, any missile, including satellite launches using ballistic technologies. They considered it discriminatory. They note that India, Pakistan, Israel can have nuclear weapons. India and Pakistan have periodically experienced nuclear ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads, but none about this particular noise is not satisfied, though, both countries — India and Pakistan, even the recognition of the Western press appeared several times on the brink of nuclear war.

Here the North Koreans on this, too, offended. Are the people very small country, but for centuries it was under the yoke of China. Then came the Japanese with their very rigid colonial past, then came the Russians and the Americans. Also largely advised and sometimes dictated Koreans how to live. And finally, the country gained that, in their opinion, puts her in the status, at least militarily with those Nations that for centuries have advised, dictated and commanded in Korea. Here such a blast, I would say that Korean nationalism.

Incidentally, in South Korea, many people, especially right-wing conservative, I believe that after unification Korea of nuclear weapons should be abandoned. Korea will finally be able to fend for themselves. Including relations with Japan, its longtime historical enemy and other powers of the region, it will be such a powerful nation.

So they have such weapons?

— North Korea has stepped-up its missile and nuclear program. Their task was to convince its allies that any attempt at forcible regime change, humanitarian intervention will have a very high price for those who will make such attempt. And here’s the latest launches, trials that occurred during the administration of the tramp, has shown that North Korea is close to the threshold, so to speak, creating a truly combat-ready Intercontinental ballistic missiles and warheads to it. Experts still argue whether North Korea has such a missile or not.

Judging by the stories and rules that were used in the Soviet-American talks on limiting strategic weapons, the Intercontinental ballistic missile is the one that flies at least 5.5 thousand km, well have to deliver the warhead at a certain point of the earth surface and water, very limited area. This test, while the North Koreans didn’t have any. The biggest range over which flew their rocket — 3,7 thousand km. According to the classification it’s not the Intercontinental missile. But it is possible that they can make a rocket, or already did, but have not yet experienced.

The same applies to warheads. That is what was shown under the ground, difficult to verify. This warhead can be set up on an Intercontinental or some other generally rocket and deliver it to the goal, because the warhead must withstand enormous dynamic thermal and other loads when re-entering the dense layers of the atmosphere. But military and politicians, as a rule, all come from the worst-case scenario. And, it seems to proceed from the assumption that the weapons that North Korea has, deliver it, at least on short and medium distances can. From this construction and practical politics.

And the United States are very nervous that the North Koreans demonstrate their ability to deliver a warhead to the territory of America. Hence, increased nervousness. After all, the Americans in the postwar period, interfered in the internal Affairs, successive regimes, have made interventions in dozens of countries around the world. And here is one of such small and seemingly defenseless countries finally created the tools that can put an end to such policies, to fight back.

This is what an example and temptation for all those who, as they say, are fed up with American dictatorship, American intervention, American recipes of democracy and so on. That’s why so nervous USA. Not so much, maybe due to the fact that the North Koreans in the near future will create such a weapon, and the fact that it gives a very, in their opinion, a bad example for the whole world. If it wants to make other countries, it may deprive them of the ability to behave in the international arena, relying on force, and only then, and on diplomacy. That the Americans are really afraid and would like to avoid.


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