Second plane crash in Russia. Under Tomsk crashed helicopter Mi-8


Вторая авиакатастрофа в России. Под Томском рухнул вертолет Ми-8

In the Tomsk region as a result of emergency landing of helicopter Mi-8, two people were killed and another four were injured. On Board were six people.

According to the MOE, around 15:55 in the 42 km South-East of the village of Aleksandrovskoe has made emergency landing the helicopter Mi-8. 17:28 the aircraft was discovered from the air. According to preliminary data, injured four people, two died. Earlier it was reported that at falling the helicopter has lit up.

It is known that the Mi-8 performed ambulance flight from the weather station, Prokhorkina in the city of Swan. Victims are transported to Swan.

The helicopter was transported to the hospital the woman from the village of Oktyabrsky. On Board were three crew members, police officer and paramedic. According to unconfirmed reports, the woman suffered when she set fire to his house.


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