SEAT has released a powerful electric car without a steering wheel and rear view mirrors


SEAT выпустила мощнейший электромобиль без руля и зеркал заднего вида The car is equipped with cameras instead of rear view mirrors.

The Cupra sub-brand of the Spanish automaker SEAT, part of Volkswagen AG, has transformed sport SEAT Leon racing rear-wheel drive electric e-Racer with huge power.

According to the company, e-Racer is a fully-electric race car, however, it will not be a single model, and the first and not the last representative of the new model range electric sports car SEAT.

Machine abradant constant power to 402 HP (300 kW) and a peak short-term capacity of 680 HP (500 kW). READ ALSO: Test of a hot hatchback SEAT Leon CUPRA Base hatchback e-Racer was the car SEAT Leon TCR.

The electric vehicle equipped with the safety frame, aerodynamic body kit, 4 motors, a 450-pound battery pack capacity of 65 kWh, a full charge which takes only 40 minutes, and video cameras instead of rear view mirrors that displays the image on a digital dashboard.

The steering wheel of the sports car is missing, instead installed a racing steering wheel. The distribution of mass between the axles is 40:60. For the first time, your abilities, the novelty is going to show at the championship E TCR, the beginning of which the promoters will be announced at the Geneva motor show in 2018.


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