Sean Bean played ned stark for the sake of laughter


Шон Бин сыграл Нэда Старка ради смеха

In a new British Comedy series “Clueless” (Wasted) actor Sean Bean will appear again in the form of ned stark, his character from the TV show “Game of thrones”. The artist in the guise of iconic characters played imaginary friend and a kind of spiritual mentor of the main character “Stupid”. About it reports Digital Spy.

“Actually, it’s more likely someone middle between my characters in “Game of thrones” and “Lord of the rings” — an imaginary friend Morpheus, the main character “Stupid”. I speak of his spiritual mentor, who appears here and there and tips helps Morpheus to cope with problems in life and relationships with other people”, — told about the character Bean.

According to the actor, he initially had doubts whether to take on this role, but he agreed after he read the script — “surreal, absurd and ridiculous”. The actor also remarked that it was strange to play the character he played before, but in a different context.

Bean also admitted that playing in the Comedy he liked it even more than “kill and certainly be killed. The death of ned stark in the first season finale of “Game of thrones” is one of the most shocking in the series. In addition, characters die Bina in many other projects involving the artist (“the Lord of the rings”, “patriot Games”, “Golden eye”, “equilibrium”).

“Stupid”, which tell about the lives of several young outsiders from the English heartland, will be released on British TV in August. In the series, except for Bina, play Danny Kirrane, Dylan Edwards, Gwyneth Cavort and rose Reynolds.


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