Sea of Thieves before the end of summer will receive three updates


Sea of Thieves до конца лета получит три обновленияAll the updates will get players totally free.

More than three weeks have passed since the release of Sea of Thieves. Rare and Microsoft no longer boast about the success of the game — probably because it nothing to brag about. But this does not mean that they are going to tie with it. According to the message from the Executive producer of the project, Joe Nita (Joe Neate), in this sense, everything is just beginning.

In April, however, the focus of the team’s Sea of Thieves to focus on responsiveness to requests and demands of players. But in may will be released the first content update of The Hungering Deep. It adds to the game some sort of PvE threat that the crew players will have to detect and destroy in the framework of the unique event.

Achieving this goal will be richly stimulated by the valuable prizes. And then events begin to take place with a frequency of once a week, and in the course of these developers will introduce new game mechanics and new game options. No cost, of course, and no new awards.

In the summer, will be released two content updates: Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. In the first promised a new type of ship, the second — new territories to explore. Both updates will also be full PvE-tasks, all the same game mechanics and unique rewards. The producer stressed that all updates will go to the players for free.


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