“Sea of stars” and pink sand: top 5 most spectacular beaches


The “star” beach in Vaadhoo in the Maldives. Photo: tripelonia.com

Ocean coast would give us a real relaxation and impressive beauty. Zirki made the top 5 of the most unusual beaches in the world, offers to “walk” on them and even hear the sound of the waves.

Beach Vaadhoo (Vaadhoo Sea of Stars), the island of vaadhoo, Maldives. The name “sea of stars” speaks for itself. In principle, even some of the beaches of Maldives with the coming of night become “a branch of heaven on earth”, but the most impressive blue surf – on Vaadhoo, on the shores of the Indian ocean.

This unique phenomenon is due to bioluminescent phytoplankton, coastal glow from about July to February. Luminescence – a chemical reaction, the response of phytoplankton to stress factors, such as the rolling of waves on the shore or human contact. But swimming in the “sea of stars”, as they say, delivers some discomfort.

Pink beach (Pink Sands Beach), harbour island, Bahamas. This beach has a length of 5.3 kilometres, washed by the waters of the Atlantic, surprisingly unusual and truly glamorous color is pale pink. This shade give him pieces of coral, small shells and foraminifera, microscopic skeletons of unicellular protozoa, which washes ashore from under the reef.

According to the magazine Forbes, this is the beautiful pink beach in the world. No wonder it is often location for commercials and photo shoots for fashion publications.

Hot water beach (Hot Water Beach), East coast Coromandel, New Zealand. This unusual beach attracts about 130 thousand tourists per year, and the rest come in time and with …shovels. The fact that it takes several underground hot springs.

During low tide, when the waters of the Pacific ocean retreat from the coastal strip, vacationers right in the sand dig its own “mini-pools”. The deeper you dig, the hotter will be the water in the “bath”. Water temperature in the makeshift Spa can reach 64-65 degrees Celsius.

Glass beach (Glass Beach), part of the national Park Mackerricher near Fort Bragg, California, USA. This beach is covered with glass pebbles, polished by the waves of the Pacific ocean. Unusual place – the joint creation of man and nature. At the time, residents of Fort Bragg staged on the picturesque Bank of the dump, calling it “dam”. Here were demolished, broken glass, junk containers, old household appliances.

The first alarm sounded surfers. In 1967, the government finally closed “polygon” has been performed several times by cleaning it from large debris. And small fragments, which were unable to remove, polished waves in the ocean. Local craftsmen made from smooth glass pebbles Souvenirs for tourists.

Black Punaluu beach (Punaluu Beach), Hawaii, USA. This unusual beach is located on the southern coast of Hawaii near the town of Hilo. The color of the sand is the result of volcanic activity. Basalt crumb color coal was formed from lava flowing into the Pacific ocean during an eruption. The ocean water cooled, destroyed and shredded it.

“Lying” on this sand is not particularly comfortable because it heats up much more light. And the ocean near the beach is not very friendly, is cold flow. But the unique black sand is considered the most in the world. However, take it from the beach is prohibited. In addition, local legend has it – the one who will pocket at least a handful will incur the wrath of the goddess of volcanoes.

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