Screen flickering Surface Pro 4 is treated with the help of the fridge


The ordinary refrigerator can work wonders – it can improve mood views to the eyeballs scored shelves, it can also satisfy hunger even within the night dogora, and plus to this he is able to repair the mobile electronics. In particular, his magic can repair the screen of an expensive mobile PCs Surface Pro 4.

This, by the way, no jokes: laptop Surface Pro 4 is among the top and expensive, but he has a problem with flickering screen, while mass. This is due to overheating of the device, and Microsoft has no plans to fix the situation, so do not buy a Surface Pro 4 in any case. If you are still managed and if the screen of your copy flickers, then just place it in the freezer for a few minutes and it will pass. However, it is not a panacea, and such a focus will have to be repeated regularly, but, nevertheless, it certainly works.

Microsoft, by the way, in some cases, may pay compensation in the amount of $ 800, but it will not cover the full cost of a defective mobile PC. Now against the software giant is preparing a class action lawsuit, which involved lawyers, who already won a similar case against Lenovo. We add that the Surface Pro 4 and other devices, Microsoft, Xbox in addition, in Russia is not officially sold.


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