Scotland has allocated money for the implementation of basic income


Шотландия выделила деньги на внедрение базового основного доходаSoon the representatives of some regions will receive steady income from the state.

The Scottish government promised to financially support several cities that plan to conduct an experiment with an unconditional basic income. Yet it is the only country in the UK, which is going to pay citizens benefits without any obligations.

The authorities in Scotland will provide the Scottish districts money for carrying out experiments with pod. Funding received by the city of Glasgow, Fife, North Ayrshire and Edinburgh. The experimental conditions and size of payments are not reported. Each district will present its own plan for the implementation of social benefits.

We already wrote about the attempts of Scotland to introduce BAUD. Even in 2015, in Fife wanted to introduce a new program of payment of social benefits as a tool for poverty reduction in the region. But the project failed.

BOD in the country supports the Scottish national party (SNP), a Social network of supporters of a basic income, as well as a group of researchers from the Royal society of arts, industry and Commerce (RSA). Now joined the government.

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Scotland could enter a par with Finland, which is already experimenting with new forms of social benefits. Two thousand residents of Finland since January is getting 560 euros per month. To introduce the similarity of the Bode also collected in the Netherlands, Estonia, and Barcelona.


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