Scientists were able to fix the flow of substances in the galaxy M87


Scientists have documented abnormal flow of substances in a neighboring galaxy that was moving at a speed above the speed of light.

The streams were located near a supermassive black hole of Peahi, reports the with reference to

The hole in the center of the galaxy absorbs a great quantity of matter, part of which thin beams ejected into space. These bundles are called jets and are sometimes nodes.

Exactly two node showed superluminal velocities of 6.3 and 2.4 times higher. While all studies show that nothing can move faster than light. Therefore, astronomers have focused on these anomalies and found that their superluminal velocity is an illusion.

Jets jets are moving too close to the angle of view of the observer, and that was the cause of the illusion.

The black hole of Paahe is in the galaxy at a distance of 53 million light years from Earth.


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