Scientists warned about looming above the Ground danger


Ученые предупредили о нависшей над Землей опасностиTo the Ground rushing threat body

To the Ground in a rush the two celestial bodies, if they will not change the trajectory, soon the planet will clash.

Planets do not emit light and therefore it was very hard to detect. It is worth noting that they exist and that they approach the Earth, learned quite by accident.

One of the planets-the killers closed the light of the distant galaxy, which was observed by scientists. Calculate the speed of objects and their trajectory, scientists began to closely monitor the flight of these comets.

The experts were even able to calculate the size of celestial bodies. According to them, one about the same parameters as Earth, and its companion in size and resembles Jupiter.

Until they change the trajectory and if you get closer, there will be a fatal collision.

Also pay attention to what the experts give a very poor prognosis. According to them, all in 60 minutes Nibiru will destroy 90% of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Scientists say that Nibiru still can not calm down. And for the inhabitants of the Earth she made a terrible scenario.

Conspiracy theorists say that Nibiru will destroy our planet. After the attack, Nibiru, 90% of earthlings facing certain death. The space object will bring earthquakes and storms, and then come to an end.


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