Scientists warn the rate of melting of glaciers rapidly increased


Ученые бьют тревогу: скорость таяния ледников стремительно увеличиласьIn Antarctica, fast ice melts.

After conducted by researchers at the University of Leeds observations, it was found that over the past five years, the average rate of ice melting in Antarctica was three times higher than in the previous 20 years. Since 1992 Antarctica has lost 2.7 trillion tons of ice, and sea levels rose eight millimeters.

It is worth noting that almost the entire volume of melted ice fell on Western Antarctica. Until 2012, this process was offset by the increase in the volume of ice in East Antarctica, over the last five years and in this part of the continent also began the rapid melting of (28 ± 30 billion tons per year).

In West Antarctica the average rate of melting has increased from 53 ± 29 to 159 ± 26 billion tons per year, on the Antarctic Peninsula from 7 ± 13 to 33 ± 16 billion tons per year.

This significant increase in the rate of melting is caused, first of all, the influence of ocean currents that bring warmer water flows and accelerate the melting of the ice shelf. Therefore, bistratose areas on the continent were two ice shelf — pine island glacier and Thwaites.


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