Scientists want to create a translator from the language of animals to human


Ученые хотят создать переводчик с языка животных на человеческийScientists create interpreter of animal language into human.

It helps them iskusstvennyy intelligence.

The development involved experts from the United States. They report that the animals have a unique language, for example, they can produce special sounds at the approach of predators. These signals are totally different, dogs are able to convey to the relatives specific data, accurate to the smallest detail. Thus, we can conclude that the animals fully communicate with each other, but their language is not similar to human.

Scientists intend to use artificial intelligence in order to understand the language of dogs, developing a translator sounds and gestures of animals in English. For the realization of such plans in life research fellow, University of North Carolina created a special structure, which in ten years will delight the world such exclusive apparatus.


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