Scientists want to bring back to life prehistoric animals


Ученые хотят вернуть к жизни доисторических животныхA few years ago in one journal there was an article about an interesting discovery.

On the background of the new movie about the Jurassic period scientists speculate on the return of the giants: is it possible to recreate dinosaurs, having obtained their DNA samples from insects bloodsuckers.

As you know, the ancient insects are often found in pieces of amber. However, this substance is able to maintain only a shell creatures-vampires, and not the inside together genetic material. For this reason, many scientists have questioned the reality of ideas.

Dr. suzy Maidment from the Museum of natural history USA, I’m sure that somewhere there is a insect with the preserved plasma. Mosquitoes, ticks, etc. from amber do not fit.

Was discovered mosquito Eocene, lived 45 million years ago. Insect preserved in a moist lake sediments, though it is important to note that the body found in the red pigment. Studies have shown blood levels of hemoglobin porfirinov.


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