Scientists told of the strange anomalies happening around the world


Ученые рассказали о необычных аномалиях, происходящих по всему мируWhat is happening is shocking.

The world is still strange weather anomalies. In the Alps – hostages snow and tens of thousands of tourists in winter resorts. In the United States – the mountains that have recently burned now in landslides. But the Italians bask in the sun at an unprecedented Jan +24 degrees.

13 lives claimed by the bad weather in California. Due to the strong rains in the mountains near Santa Barbara was formed floods. Almost 20,000 people forced to leave their homes. However, even tens of thousands of people an order to evacuate just ignored.

Almost 20,000 people stuck on the ski resorts in the Alps. In particular, in Zermatt in the snow captivity were 13 000 tourists. Several thousand blocked on the Italian resort of Cervinia. Even with last week’s storm Eleanor brought blizzards to the region. Since then there is kept high, the fifth, the level of avalanche danger.

But in the South of Italy – anomalous heat. Palermo recorded a new temperature record. For the first time in 40 years, the bars here rose above +24. Warm air brought the cyclone from Africa. However, according to forecasts, at the end of this week the temperature will be significantly reduced.

In the U.S. state of North Carolina for severe frosts alligators are frozen into the ice and went into hibernation. From water bodies sticking ones noses. These huge reptiles live in the national Park of the Charlotte river. As explained by the Rangers, gators so adapt to unusual conditions: when the temperature rises, they return to normal life.


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