Scientists told how to be saved from premature aging of the brain


Ученые подсказали, как спастись от преждевременного старения мозгаScientists have found a new way of preserving youth of your brain.

Throughout a person’s life his brain accumulates not only important information, and toxic substances entering the blood.

In consequence of “contamination” of the brain begin to progress premature aging processes, which impairs memory, reduced cognitive ability and so on.

To stop these processes is possible and even necessary, especially since American scientists in a recent study was able to identify the way in which the level of intoxication of the blood vessels of the brain gradually decreases.

Eat berries every day

To such conclusion scientists from research University in Maryland, who conducted a series of experiments and found that people often use fresh berries, the aging brain is slowing down and is already at an advanced age, what can be said about those who do not consume this category of natural antioxidants.

Blueberry, strawberry, strawberries and other berries saturate the blood polyphenols which help to protect the brain from age-related damage.

It is due to this quality of berries scientists insist on their regular use, as in this case, you can prevent the most common “age-related” diseases – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.

Experiment with rodents

In order to advance not jump to conclusions, scientists at the University of Maryland decided to conduct another study, which took part in rodents.

The rats were divided into two equal groups to “downgrade” the researchers carried out the irradiation, and then one group was fed as usual, and the menu is another of the berries.

Two months after the beginning of the study, the researchers examined the brain of rodents and found that those rats who ate berries are clean of toxins medulla. Other rodents have already started to progress the aging processes in the brain due to intoxication by toxic substances.

American scientists recommend daily are there any berries, especially to those who have reached 40 years or more.


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