Scientists told about the real dangers of computer games


Ученые рассказали о реальном вреде компьютерных игрThe researchers conducted an unusual experiment and saw an interesting moments.

According to experts, this entertainment improve attention and short-term memory, however, lead to degradation of the hippocampus – the centre of long-term memory.

The study involved 51 men and 46 women. Scientists have offered them through a virtual maze. Use the hippocampus, mainly guided by background objects (e.g., rocks and trees), and those that rely on the caudate body, remember the number and sequence of he turned. Then they were allowed to play in the action games Call of Duty , Killzone and Borderlands 2) and 3D games (from Super Mario series) for 90 hours.

It turned out that this amount of time spent in the game, was enough for a noticeable hippocampal atrophy using caudate body for orientation, while 3D games have led to an increase in appropriate areas in all subjects.


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